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Petrone & Associates LC. is the industry leading manufacturer's representative for sanitary supply, paper supply, food service, export and industrial supply products throughout Florida.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we're celebrated for creating profitable relationships for our clients, helping to empower them to fulfill their company's needs with ease.  We strive to constantly maintain the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and have earned the respect and trust of our manufacturer partners, distributors, national accounts, and user-customers.

We're your market savvy industry partners.  With a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, we will help develop a strategy that best suits your organization's needs and assist you throughout the execution.

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We're committed to empowering our clients and offer a wide assortment of services to our manufacturers, distributors, and consumer customers.  We've developed a reputation for making business grow for our manufacturers and distributors.

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